A Berber Women Family Legacy

Originally from Morocco, Alinor is a Montreal based company that was built on the foundation of simplicity, and the innate beauty that exists within us all. After moving to Canada, we realized that it was challenging to get our hands on pure argan oil, a product that is very common in Morocco, and crafted by the villages’ women. It was a real eye-opener when friends and family requested that we bring them some oil when we traveled back home.

From Morocco to North America...

As a Berber women-run family business, we began to notice that many of the products available in North America were laden with chemicals and impurities. Back home in Morocco, healthier and natural solutions are readily available. Seeing this need inspired us to go back to our roots and make this incredible product available here.

Let the Liquid Gold Flow

Returning the beauty industry to the idea that attractiveness is a custom that is crafted, refined, honored, and shared.

Your Hair and Skin Deserve Better

Our vision at Alinor is to provide you with the most authentic and organic beauty products from Morocco. We believe that beauty inspires confidence. Confidence inspires change. Change will create a better world.

We partner with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to ensure that our business practices remain sustainable. Our oil comes only from UNESCO protected fields. This way, we ensure our commerce promotes the values of peace, prosperity, and unity.

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