Golden Shine


This 100% natural and organic tanning oil is a natural way to get that caramel sun-kissed glow while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.


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Carrot oil naturally tones and illuminates your skin’s best qualities. Carrot and apricot oil both contain beta-carotene, which amplifies the tanning process by making your skin more reactive to sun exposure.  At the same time, the beta-carotene also provides protection from aging and age spots because it is high in antioxidants.


Golden Shine is naturally scented by the apricot oil and will leave your skin smelling great all day long.  It is non-sticky and non-greasy so you can wear it like a moisturizer, even if you have no intention of tanning.  Use it all year round to give yourself a healthy glow.

Caution: Using Golden Shine is not a replacement for sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen. For best results, avoid using product during the sun’s peak and for no longer than two hours.


Apply Golden Shine to your whole body before applying sunscreen. Reapply every one-two hours or until skin takes on a sun-kissed hue.

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