If you are like me and have struggled with acne and the scars it leaves behind on your face and body, then you know the search for a cure can be a long, disappointing and difficult task. Many products sell you on the promise of renewed and restored skin, yet few seem to be able to deliver any actual results. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products that failed to live up to the hype, and I’ve felt cheated and tricked into believing that I would ever find a cure for my skin. I felt hopeless and trapped in my damaged skin for years.  Then a good friend and fellow acne sufferer told me all about this oil that her mother purchased for her. She assured me that it was safe, and free from harsh chemicals that would further damage my skin.

It was clear that her skin was beginning to brighten, and her scars were fading, but I doubted whether it would work for me. My scars were years old, and some are very dark – the result of years and years of battling against awful breakouts. When my friend finally broke me down and convinced me to buy a bottle of this “miracle oil” I was sure that once again I’d end up disappointed and broke, and let me tell you I’ve never enjoyed being wrong so much! After much thought and careful research, I went ahead and trusted her recommendation of the Golden Elixir, and I haven’t looked back.