If you are like me and have struggled with acne and the scars it leaves behind on your face and body, then you know the search for a cure can be a long, disappointing and difficult task. Many products sell you on the promise of renewed and restored skin, yet few seem to be able to deliver any actual results. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on products that failed to live up to the hype, and I’ve felt cheated and tricked into believing that I would ever find a cure for my skin. I felt hopeless and trapped in my damaged skin for years.  Then a good friend and fellow acne sufferer told me all about this oil that her mother purchased for her. She assured me that it was safe, and free from harsh chemicals that would further damage my skin.

Argan oil isn’t just for your skin!  Oh no, it is a miracle product for your hair and your nails as well. Because it is safe and made with organic ingredients, you can apply it everywhere!
Applying just a small amount to wet hair helps to strengthen and nourish dry and damaged hair, and protects it from free radicals and the awful effects of humidity. Say goodbye to frizzy hair! I love applying argan oil to my hands during winter time. I have very dry skin, and winters are always harsh on my hands, but with a few drops of argan oil onto my cracked hands, I feel immediate relief. I also discovered that when I add a few small pumps of argan oil to a beauty blender or Kabuki brush, I’m able to apply foundation and achieve a flawless and smooth look. The oil helps my foundation go on smoothly and even shrinks my pores in the process. Don’t forget the rest of your body – argan oil is perfect to apply on your skin after bathing.  It soaks deep into your pores leaving your skin feeling silky and fresh all day long.

Ultimately, the thing I love the most about argan oil is what it has done for my acne. My skin is brighter and smoother with every use, and I can see the scars beginning to fade right before my very eyes. I’m no longer embarrassed to be out without a full face of makeup that only partially covers my acne scars. It’s incredible to look in the mirror and see a face that I recognize and am proud to show. I can’t believe how much time and money I wasted on products that were never going to work for me. The Golden Elixir oil has transformed my skin and my confidence, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to improve their skin’s look, tone, and texture.